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Create comfortable and safe movement of people in the space of buildings and structures


Using an innovative approach, standard "BRAVO" designs and technologies in the design and manufacture of elevator equipment, to provide a high-tech scheme for the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of lifting mechanisms, which solves all the tasks of customers for lifting passengers and cargo


The history of the company began with the decision of the founders to develop and provide people with a new innovative product, providing an original approach in the field of production of elevators and lifting mechanisms. Using the latest principles in the system of design and production, the company undertook the development and implementation of a simple, high-tech scheme for the manufacture and supply of elevators and lifting mechanisms, solving all the tasks of customers for lifting passengers and cargo.

Today "BRAVO" has a unique, well-coordinated design and technology team and its own precise "BRAVO" lift technology. This allows you to create any complexity elevator in standard terms. The company has the described production technology for the extended line of "BRAVO" elevators of the "BL-ST" series, with a lifting capacity from 50kg to 200t, without limiting the speed and lifting height. A flexible production system has been created that allows you to instantly change components and components without sacrificing basic designs. Basic technology allows up to 5,000 elevators per year. The ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, TUV certification, has been introduced to track and quickly respond to negative factors affecting product quality. We have created our own line of lift doors "BRAVO" and our own technology of production of controllers and electric lift systems. A system of global control over the operation of "BRAVO" lifts is being implemented. New "Habbard management system" management tools are introduced. Certificates of conformity of production were obtained module H1. The company expands its staff and production. New design solutions are being developed for the interior of the cabins. Recovery (upgrade) packages for old lifts are proposed. More than 50 companies from 15 countries participate in the production of one "BRAVO" elevator. Efforts and skills of more than 10,000 people, more than 1500 different machines and mechanisms are used to produce one lift.

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