Частичная модернизация лифтов

Elevator modernization or elevator replacement is the process of replacing important components and parts of elevator equipment. We offer various options for modernization of elevators, complete replacement of elevators or partial replacement of elevator components. Restoration kits are designed for all types of old elevators. We have developed different configurations for replacing elevators according to the needs of the customer


Complete replacement of the elevator with a new modern elevator (possible delivery of the elevator with the expanded indicators, greater loading, speed and bigger aperture of doors, all elevators with the frequency adjustment of the winch, and functions according to the class of elevators)

Elevator replacement without guides and counterweights (old guides, brackets and counterweights remain, the elevator is integrated into the existing structure with new advantages and expanded performance)


  • Replacement of winch and electrical equipment
  • Replacing winches, electrical equipment, and cabs

  • Replacement of doors and electrical equipment
  • Other options combined with partial component replacement options

Replacing of Winches

Replacement of doors

Elevator upgrades have been made


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